A Tourist in Thailand


They say only mad dogs and Englishman brave the midday sun, but today, I joined them. Having grown bored of my usual routes in KL, this trip to Thailand has after only one run left me feeling rejuvenated and exhilarated. There’s nothing like only having a vague idea of where you are heading, based on a cursory glance at Google Maps, to fill you with a sense of adventure. As you can see from the photos, the road I chose was wide with some spectacular cliffs visible in the distance. I’m sure every car and bike that passed thought me a crazy white woman running in the midday heat, but as my husband pointed out, I need to do such training to get prepared for my 21km leg of the Half Ironman we’ve signed up for in April. Thankfully, a Gatorade bought at 9km sustained me back to the hotel and though I spotted many an Englishman, there were no mad dogs chasing my heels today.

Sunset on Lombok


Taking a few days away on Lombok island, Indonesia with my daughters. This is one of them doing a cartwheel at sunset. My cartwheeling days are long behind me. I did manage a tempo run on the hotel treadmill yesterday which was much appreciated. Off in search of Nemo and Dory today so will probably not get to lace up. It’s a tough life 😉

Quit at Never

This morning I ran 8 km dressed in irony. I wore my race shirt for tonight’s BSN Putrajaya Half Marathon which shouts Quit at Never from the back. I’d dreamed of showing my back to the majority of ladies running tonight but thanks to my Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis I’m hardly able to run 10 km so racing 21 km is out of the question. Quit at Never? Hell no, I’m quitting before I even start!

20131019-111640.jpgOn the positive side, it’s school mid-term and I’m heading to the beach (where, lesson learned by my Achilles Tendons, I will resist the urge to run). My girls (age 11 & 12) and I are flying to Lombok, Indonesia, a tiny island adjacent to Bali for a few days. We’re going to snorkel, visit some craft villages and chill out poolside away from homework and little brother. Pre-injury, I booked the only hotel on the island with a fitness room so I hope to hit the treadmill a few times to continue the fight back to fitness. Unfortunately, I can’t take my physiotherapist with me – think of the gossip! – but I am still packing for rehab: tennis ball ( to roll out my arch), Theraband (ankle strength training) and aqua belt (to give bored people something to stare at in the pool). I’ll be relying on the hotel bar for ice 🙂

Tonight, I plan to watch the final three episodes of Dexter Season 8 and try not think of all the folk shuffling their feet at the start line in Putrajaya. It’s hardly the stuff of dreams, it may even be the source of nightmares, but when it comes to television box sets at least I’m still able to Quit at Never 😉