Haze Worsens

  I love Malaysia, Love it! I love the diversity, the vibrancy, the sense of possibilities, the people (when they are not on motorbikes or driving cars). I don’t want to leave. So I feel sorry for anyone visiting right now, or newly arrived. Not only do we have the pall of MH370 hanging over the country, and the debacle of the Anwar Ibrahim scandal, many people have no running water and this morning the air is so polluted that driving the kids to school felt like a scene from Armageddon. Yesterday, four times Boston Marathon Champion and former World … Continue reading Haze Worsens

Time for New Shoes

When I started running two years ago, I wore a pair of Reebok shoes I’d bought on sale in a bargain bin. I also walked regularly and attended two or three fitness/strength classes at the gym. Realising that I quite liked this running lark, and wary of sore knees, I splashed out on a pair of proper running shoes (and cut back on my cross-training). The Adidas store in Gardens Mall is one of the nicer sports shops here so I wandered in there, stood on some sort of heat-activiated footprint maker and was pronounced as having a neutral foot. … Continue reading Time for New Shoes

The Danger Zone

I’ve returned to the danger zone. My foot no longer feels sore, so my body keeps sayin’: ‘Go for a run, just a little run, wearing your Aircast brace, why don’t ya, go on, just to see how it goes, you’ll be fine, run, run, run! What’s the harm?’ The harm, my brain keeps reminding me, is that if I go back out too early as I did two weeks ago, I will probably end up even more injured than before, and benched for months. That’s the harm, you darn run devil! On the bright side – and believe me … Continue reading The Danger Zone