Shape Night Run – not!

So there is a perception that injuries are part and parcel of running, but up until now I’ve been fortunate to experience nothing worse then a strained Achilles Tendon due to over-eager barefoot running in Vietnam. That was worth it for the sheer bliss of the experience! And I never had to not run because of it; I just had to be diligent with ice and stretching after hilly runs in particular. In fact this past week, having managed to remember to do some heel lifts and drops on a step every day, I’ve had no tendon discomfort. But.. Yesterday … Continue reading Shape Night Run – not!

Live Great Run Again!

Yes, it’s so long since I last posted, that it’s already time for another Live Great Run. Now to be fair, the 2012 run was in November while this year’s event is on Sep 15th, so it hasn’t been a full year. Just a very large portion of one! I have very fond memories of last year’s race – race memories, quite like recollections on childbirth, always grow fonder with time – and I did blog about it at my Irish Nomad in Malaysia blog if you want to take a peek. Over there, I also wrote up my experience … Continue reading Live Great Run Again!