Reclaiming My Runner’s Joy

Last night, after a nine (9!!) week break, I returned to my running club. It was the best evening I’ve had, well, in nine weeks (not counting of course my nights on the sofa watching Breaking Bad). It was made all the more enjoyable by the fact that despite what I thought were ominous pains in my foot last week, the foot didn’t hurt (while I ran). Funnily enough, it was sore beforehand, when I arrived at Lake Gardens for the running clinic. An hour poised over the brake (mostly the brake) and the accelerator of a car on what … Continue reading Reclaiming My Runner’s Joy

Speed & Stamina

Last night was my second training night at Lake Gardens, and I discovered that I have speed but need to work on my stamina. Actually, I guess I ┬áhave known that for a long time but it was nice to hear it from a professional – and to be recommended a possible solution. Based on the 5km Time Trials we did last week, each participant had a time target for 500m. We each ran eight 500m intervals. My average over the eight turned out to be exactly 1:59. My target was 2:06. So this is a clear indicator that I … Continue reading Speed & Stamina