The unitard is back – on YouTube at least

I was right. I’m a tight ass. The pain on the outside of my knee experienced when running downhill during the NM Galaxy 15km was (and continues to be caused) by tightness in my buttocks and hips. It’s classic ITB syndrome. I’ve been to physio twice and have been stretched and pummelled which has really helped, and I’m stretching and using a foam roller at home. Hopefully, this will sort the problem out. I doubt I will be able to do the Cyberjaya Half Marathon this coming weekend but I haven’t given up hope yet. Common sense would dictate that I give it a miss. Common what?

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I can pinpoint the origin of this butt problem. I am a victim of my own attempts at strength training. My cross-training was totally lacking despite good intentions and the knowledge that strength training is essential for running injury-free. I’m still a member of a gym but didn’t seem to be able to get my squishy ass in there for classes such as TRX and Body Pump, staples of my pre-running fitness regime. Anyway, who needs a fancy gym when you can do 8-minute videos on YouTube? Well I certainly didn’t.

These videos were not only effective (I thought!) but also are quite amusing. They date from 1988 I think, and so not only are the hairstyles retro, the lycra unitards also hark back to fitness days past (and best forgotten). You’ve got to watch them once just for sheer entertainment. C’mon gang, as the man says, it’s only 8 minutes and it’s worth it.

When I first joined a gym in Aberdeen, Scotland, around 1994, my favourite outfit for aerobics was a red unitard that I wore over black lycra shorts. The unitard sat like dental floss between my oversized buttocks. Think Kim Kardashian but with a lot more wobble.

Thankfully, these were the days before digital photography (and the goddamned scourge of modern society, the selfie) so there is no photographic evidence of this dreadful get-up. I’d totally blocked the image of my 1990s aerobic gear from my memory until I looked at these videos. Now I guess I’m inflicting it on people all over again, but in a different virtual way 😉

The ab video is very, very good – safe and effective as the man says – employing old-fashioned sit-ups to chisel the midriff. According to a friend who is a personal trainer, the butt exercises are considered a ‘no no’ these days due to arching of the back. I did the routine a few times and liked it. What’s not to like in only 8 minutes with such an amusing voiceover for company. ‘What do you want your butt to look like gang?’ I still haven’t come up with an answer to that one. Well I guess I should have stretched afterwards. But nah, didn’t bother, had other stuff to do. You know the way.

Now I’ve discovered that there is a difference between buns of steel and a tight ass. Unfortunately, I currently have the latter. Stretch!!

3 thoughts on “The unitard is back – on YouTube at least

  1. Haha awesome post. It is funny, but my husband Max is a fan of this guy’s workouts. He is doing his 8 minute abs routine for years (may be thats why he has a washboard abs). That was the first video that we watched together as a couple also. Thankfully, Max doesn’t wear the unitard.:)


    1. So it was love at first crunch 😉 Joking aside, I’ve been doing the ab workout for a few weeks and can definitely see the difference. I just have to get better at stretching when I do any kind of strength work on my butt!

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