On Friday, I wrote a post about my tattoo which I planned to upload on Saturday. Then on Saturday morning, news came through of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, and it seemed inappropriate to be flippant. I know that tragedies occur everywhere, everyday, but living in Kuala Lumpur, travelling regularly out of KLIA, and as a frequent flyer with Malaysia Airlines, this particular event is close to home. It has also brought the world media spotlight to Malaysia.


I don’t pray, but I am constantly thinking about the people who had loved ones on that plane and who still (mid-morning Monday) have no idea where the plane is. If I blog about a tattoo tomorrow, it doesn’t mean that I’m any less concerned with the fate of MH370, but as I’m not in a position to add constructively to any discussion on the issue, or even console anyone affected by the event, I will stick to writing about what I know.  

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  1. I know that feeling well, of not wanting to talk/write about less relevant stuff when a tragedy is going on.
    But like you said, it doesn’t mean we don’t care or that we are not thinking about it…


  2. Times like these I guess you really do comes to grips with your own mortality.
    A NZ’ers husband was on that flight and the story is being covered to heck through the news, I am not saying that because there is a kiwi on board means that it is close to home for me too, but it makes your realise that anyone anywhere can be affected directly or indirectly by terrible things and it is a shame that it is just the way of the world right now.
    Thankful that it isn’t you and that you are living safe 🙂
    Celebrate the joys of the meaning of your tattoo another day, it means the same today and tomorrow as it did yesterday 🙂

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