Rationing & Running

Well four days since the start of systematic water disruptions, our kitchen tap has not yet run dry. Apparently, as it is connected directly to the mains, this indicates that my neighbourhood has so far escaped water rationing. Maybe we’ve just been lucky, forgotten about or someone on my street is very well-connected, as most people I know here have had their water cut-off as per the SYABAS schedule. And drivers continue to wash fleets of cars as if water just fell out of the sky on a daily basis. Well it doesn’t, not anymore. We did have some rain on Monday which was, according to local media, a result of cloud seeding as the government attempts to affect some refilling of the depleted reservoirs. The drivers I challenged on Monday about water wastage seemed to think that as long as their hoses produced water, there was no need to worry. Aargh! It’s enough to make me want to run!

And I have run a little despite the unhealthy level of pollution. I won’t even go there. Google ‘KL Haze’ if you don’t live here and haven’t experienced the smog first-hand. Yes, I’ve run a little, but way less than usual, as my PTT is definitely back.  Already this week, I’ve had two rounds of deep massage on my foot, and much stretching, thanks to my wonderful physio. I’m meant to be doing the Malaysia Women Half Marathon in 10 days time but at the moment I’m just taking it one day at a time, hoping that my injury doesn’t escalate from a niggle to full-blown pain.

Speaking of pain, I’m sitting in a cafe, in my running gear, waiting for my friend, who is accompanying me to get a tattoo.  The running gear is so I can be sure that the tattoo is visible while I run – and of course, it may also come in handy, if I find the pain unbearable and literally do a runner. On this, I will definitely keep you posted!

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