I’m going to Run this Year

Being a European, raised predominantly after the advent of metrification, I have no concept of miles. Whereas I have a pretty good feel for pace if someone tells me that they run a 6min kilometer, I am clueless about whether this is faster or slower than an 8min mile. I mean I could figure it out I guess but I haven’t got an automatic feel for miles.

However, thanks to the Run This Year website, I now know that I ran 150.84 miles in January.

Run This Year is ‘an online community focused on a year-long challenge to run a lot of miles’. I’m all for moral support and encouragement, and am a big fan of tangible goals, so I signed up to run 2014 miles in 2014. That’s an average of 168 miles a month so I’m already behind but hey it’s early days. Logically, as long as I stay healthy, I expect to get stronger and clock up more miles per week as the year progresses. To be honest, I was only initially aiming for 2014 kilometers this year but now I think, what the heck, why not change the goal to miles instead. It will mean making my week day runs longer but given my need for endurance training, I should be doing this anyway. And of course, there’s that planned mid-year move to Australia to think about. Having a mileage goal while in transition when I don’t expect to be able to sign up for any races will be very important.

Run This Year is organised by a lady in the US called Tiffany Henness who goes by the pseudonym Hutch, or @RunningHutch. She invites runners to log their mileage (or kilometerage), which she very kindly collates, with the intention of publishing a monthly mileage report. The monthly report for January has just been uploaded here.

It’s not too late to join. And there is no pressure to clock up 2014 kilometres or miles this year. Just set a goal that works for you and, excuse the pun, run with it.

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