Race Photographers

Photos from the MPIB 2014  Race taken various by photographers and posted on Facebook
Photos from the MPIB 2014 Race taken by various  photographers (listed below) and posted on Facebook.  

When I recently asked a friend why he thought the number of women signing up for marathons in Malaysia was so low compared to men, he joked that it was because women didn’t want to mess up their hair and makeup. I’m sure the true reason is far more complex, but he was alluding to a very valid point. In running, certainly in this hot and humid climate, there is little place for vanity. Here there is really only one look irrespective of the season and that’s the wet (and sweaty look). Every day is a bad hair day!

How ironic it is then that I’ve never had my photo taken so much as I have since I started running here. I got less attention from photographers at my wedding than I do at a race! The presence of photographers at races, along the route as well as at the start and finish lines, gives one a taste of (make-up free) celebrity life surrounded by the Paparazzi.

After races, these camera guys and gals post albums of thousands of race photos on Facebook, sharing their work for free, encouraging people to tag themselves and their friends. They rise in the dark to lug equipment around after runners, to capture moments of joy and sometimes suffering, shouting encouragement during races and then providing what are essentially free gifts afterwards. The images gifted don’t always tally with the images in one’s memory: how often have I thought I was running with the grace of a gazelle (ok not that often) to have a photo reveal someone with the gait of a hippo. Conversely, a recent set of shots near the finish line of the MPIB 12km shows no hint of the rising tide of nausea I was feeling, but a face grim with determination to cross the line (before dry heaving). Sometimes, you see, a photo can in fact lie.

With the help of a very humble photographer, who doesn’t want the beam of attention shone his way, I have collated a list of local race photographers and links to their Albums on Facebook. Most have posted hundreds of shots of the recent MPIB 2014 run. Be sure to show your appreciation by liking their work, and as they same themselves, feel free to tag your friends 🙂

Victor Chon Hze Hau (Victor & Elaine)

Running Malaysia Magazine (Chris Gan)

Chan Wk

Barefoot Ahfook (Jason Thai)

ET Tey


Louis Ong


Tristupe’s MPIB Race Report

Leon You

Kahwai Low

4 thoughts on “Race Photographers

  1. Great pics!
    and btw, your Gait is fine lol
    Do you run with a handheld? I am in the process of finding a suitable hydration system for my long training runs. I should’ve done it earlier than in week 8 haha but then again I should have done a lot of things!
    I usually run with a small 400ml bottle on my trail runs, but I have got so used to running without these days that I need to get back in the habit!

    Love the concept of these photographers, Race day pics can become quite expensive!
    As always, Nice post 🙂


    1. Thank you for reading and commenting as always 🙂 I always take a handheld bottle of Accelerade with me in case I feel a need for sugar & electrolytes. During this race, I barely drank any. It’s like a security blanket that I daren’t leave behind! The fact that the bottle cap broke at the start of my last half marathon really threw me. Mind you I did need the sugar that day as it was a much longer run. I haven’t figured out the perfect hydration solution- excuse the pun! – but carrying the bottle strapped to my hand seems to keep my options open. I find fuel belts around the waist too uncomfortable. Hope that helps:)


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