A New Challenge

There are many challenges facing a runner but up until now personal hygiene has not been one of them. Sure, I smell bad after a 10km in 100% humidity and 30 degrees C but a shower and a deodorant stick – and of course a washing machine- usually fix the odour problem pretty fast. Ah yes – showers, washing machines, flushing toilets – the cornerstones of civilised, fragrant society. I am fortunate enough to have easy access to all such modern conventions. Except, from tomorrow, our water – and that of around 1 million residents – is to be cut off for a day or two.

It’s very unclear, even after reading thisarticle three times, how long the water will be switched off.


I’ve lived through blackouts and brown outs (in Manila) but never have I lived anywhere with widespread water disruption, and for maintenance purposes too. This isn’t even due to an ‘Act of God’! I will still run of course but the question is – will there be enough water in the tank to shower afterwards? How long will my running gear lie damp and rancid in the laundry basket? Will my son refuse to pee in the garden to save on toilet flushing, even if I pay him? Of course, he will!

Fingers crossed for some torrential rain:)

2 thoughts on “A New Challenge

  1. We had a week of water shortages in Dublin a couple of months ago, so I was also timing my runs to coincide with the tank being full. Civilised fragrant society is a fragile thing!


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