Angkor Wat Half Marathon (I)

Do you see where it says 6:30 AM on the bottom right of the bib? Well, apparently in Cambodia that means 6:25 AM which is a bit unfortunate if you’re only making your way to the Start line from the 30-min wait for the portaloo five minutes before the published race start time! Oh yes, the toilet was and wasn’t my friend during this race. And as for the cap on my drink bottle that died as I crossed the start line – late! – spilling sports drink all over my shorts and leaving me fuel-less for 21 km? Well, it turns out I can do 21.4 km – more about the extra 300m on my next post- just on water but I certainly don’t plan on going fuel-less ever again. More to come….


3 thoughts on “Angkor Wat Half Marathon (I)

  1. It was still a great experience. The perfectionist in me is in hyper-critical form today but I’m sure a few more days will give me a better perspective. I can certainly take the lessons learned forward for my next Half:)


    1. Lina, I realise that my wording could have implied that I’d never do the race again- that wasn’t my intention. I definitely would! I just wouldn’t make the mistake of messing up my fuelling again.


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