Rehab Continues

Running after injury feels a bit like life in general – it has its ups and downs. I recovered well from the 2XU Compression 15km run and would have had a great training week last week if it hadn’t been for a sore throat and sinus infection. Although I had to miss my running club’s Fartlek training on Wednesday night, I was almost back to my usual mileage by Sunday.

I ran 18km on a very hilly route on Saturday morning which felt fine but afterwards my foot complained. A lot. When I woke up Sunday morning, it was ever more sore, the sorest it has been since the original injury, so I knew that the sensible thing was to drop any running plans for the day.

I was worried, wondering if I was looking at a future of 10km races (if I was lucky). Reading horror stories online of people needing to take six months off because of PTT injuries did little to quell the fear in my gut. Once again, Akmal, my physiotherapist, came to the rescue.

It’s alright, lah, he says. It’s normal lah. After doing some heavy massage and stretching on the foot and ankle on Monday, he ordered me to run 15km yesterday. Really?! Yes, really. 

I only did 10km as it was stinking hot, the battery on my Garmin died – and what’s the point of running a kilometre that can’t be recorded for posterity, right?! – and I’m still sniffling and coughing. These are my three excuses for when I see Akmal today. The foot still aches but he assures me that this is caused by stiffness in my ankle joint, something that will take time and work to sort. The good news is that part of the work involves running.

Tonight, coughing or not, I plan to return yet again to my running cub to do 8 x 500 m acceleration reps. It won’t be pretty but as I feel the ‘delight’ that is my lactic threshold, I will try and remind myself how grateful I am to be there.

3 thoughts on “Rehab Continues

  1. Oh Lord!
    I hope Mr Akmal is right, because it seems there would be hope for me too!
    After my 14k Trail yesterday, my arches are semi sore, not full blown sore, so I am taking it easy. I too only feel the aching when I am done, not often while I am running… I still am tossing up whether to seek a physio about it too, seeing as it comes and goes, and is never super super painful.
    I don’t want it to affect my Half training, but at the same time I don’t want to be in that ‘6months off’ group 😦
    Glad you have no down time, hope your aches improve soon 🙂


    1. It sounds like we have very similar foot issues! Today Akmal did deep tissue massage around my arch for 30 mins to release the tension. It was uncomfortable but not painful. The next big test will be this week’s long run which I need to squeeze in on Friday because of my kids’ and husbands sports commitments. I’ll let you know how the foot feels after 21km:) I hope all this is sorted before we move to Perth next year as I won’t be able to afford physio three times a week there. I’m thinking of smuggling Akmal in in my suitcase;)


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