MPIB Run 2014 – Running Clinics

The MPIB Run is a well-run 8km and 12km event, on a very hilly course, which in 2013 gave out some great prizes including New Balance vouchers, Sworke sunglasses, cases of isotonic drinks and very shiny trophies. Trophies and New Balance vouchers will once again be awarded to next year’s Top-10 finishers in each category.

My first and only podium appearance (far right) at the MPIB 12 km 2013. I came tenth. I wore the visor to hide a ginormous zit on my forehead and ended up carrying it for the whole race as it kept slipping. At least I had it on-hand – literally – for the photo op. The sunglasses were a prize.

The countdown – only 79 days! – has already begun for the 2014 event on January 5 and the organisers are providing Saturday morning running clinics aimed specifically at people who are new to running. Here’s the info:


For details: MPIB Run 2014

I really hope I get to run this, and finally achieve my goal of running an event twice, something which my PTT has so far prevented. I got lucky with the trophy last year but improving my 62 min 12 km time will be next year’s goal.

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