Injury Time

ultrasoundIn the very distant future, I imagine my kids as adults coming to me, asking questions such as: ‘mum, your granddaughter Allegra is working in her grade 2 family history project and wants to know what it was like living in Malaysia in the Dark Ages (she’ll mean 2013). Can you help?’
In this little montage in my brain, I am the type of granny who still runs 50 km minimum a week and frequently achieves top five positions in the over-80 category of international half marathons. And not only because most of the other competitors have had the decency to hang up their running shoes once they’re too wrinkled to rock a pair of shorts without making young people gag. Or because most people my age are dead.
‘Well, darling, you could look at my blog archives, but of course all that technology is so outdated that it would be a major task to access the info,’ I might say ruefully. I’ll still use words like info when I’m 80. ‘Or why don’t you have a look at my Google search history, that should help,’ I’ll say before wirelessly transferring my entire Internet search history for the years 2010-2014 to my granddaughter’s brain.

Well here’s what my granddaughter’s going to find on her memory chip for Sep 2013:
Ankle sprain (searched a gazillion times)
Ankle sprain recovery (599 times)
Tendon ankle medial
Ankle running miracle
Damansara sports clinic (1 time)
Damansara sports clinic address
How not to kill yourself when you’ve been benched from a race you’ve trained 9 friggin months for
Exercise for injured runners
Bike training runners
Sore bottom bike injured runners

Surprisingly I wasn’t the first to use any of these search terms. I am not alone in my injured not-allowed-to-run for three weeks state. The Internet is littered with the broken souls and bodies of injured runners though the streets of Mont Kiara continue to taunt me with the sight of many, too many, runners with appalling form who mysteriously seem to have escaped uninjured. ‘It’s not fair!’ I cry aloud as I drive past these trudging lopers on the school run. No, it’s definitely not fair!


So I have pulled a ligament in my ankle somehow. After four days ice and rest, I ran 10km in 52 mins and thought I was back. I would pin on my bibs for the Live Great Run and the SCKL Half, I thought. Yes I would!

But I won’t. As after my 10 km, the foot became swollen again and a little bit sore. I decided to see an orthopedist just to get it strapped or something while I continued running. Well I got a fancy, expensive Aircast brace alright but also, the prognosis a runner dreads: you can’t run on that ankle unless you’re desperate to tear a ligament and never run again!

So there we are. I opted not to rename this blog the sad, floppy-arsed Expat Non-Runner and look at the bigger picture.  I have to be patient, keep my eye on the long term – and by long term I mean the races I’ve registered for in Oct, Nov, Dec & Jan, not the medal I’m going to win when I’m 80. The short-term though is going to be filled with a push-ups, physio and trillions of Google searches such as:

how to overcome a saddle-sore ass while not running with a sprained ankle,

I wonder what Allegra’s 2nd grade teacher is going to make of that!

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