Speed & Stamina

Last night was my second training night at Lake Gardens, and I discovered that I have speed but need to work on my stamina. Actually, I guess I  have known that for a long time but it was nice to hear it from a professional – and to be recommended a possible solution.

Based on the 5km Time Trials we did last week, each participant had a time target for 500m. We each ran eight 500m intervals. My average over the eight turned out to be exactly 1:59. My target was 2:06. So this is a clear indicator that I can run fast but not for long – apparently. And what is the antidote to this lack of stamina?

The recommended remedy is to start targeting a higher pace – in my case 4:45 min/km – for short runs, starting with 3 km, then 4km, then 5km and 6km, before returning to try 3 km again at a higher pace, assuming I survive that long! The coach advises such a run every 10 days or so. With only two more days to the Shape

Night Run 12 km, I’m taking it easy for now though. Thanks to torrential rain today there has been no temptation to lace up any kind of shoes. If my wellies weren’t in Ireland, I’d have been wearing them on the school run.

Yesterday, I treated myself to yet another running toy. I always carry a small bottle with me on any run over 6km – anyone who lives in the tropics will know why – but most people don’t seem to need to take along their own fluids for races as ‘short’ as 12km as there are water stations along the route. I’m not quite ready to go commando though, especially as I won’t be taking a gel at 8 km as I have in the past. I think the gels, taken when dehydrated, have been the cause of my nausea, despite being careful to wash them down with plenty of water.

So I invested in a Nathan handheld bottle to avoid the possibility of the bottle slipping through my sweaty hands and causing a collision while I try to retrieve it. Let’s see what happens Saturday night.


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