Live Great Run Again!

Yes, it’s so long since I last posted, that it’s already time for another Live Great Run. Now to be fair, the 2012 run was in November while this year’s event is on Sep 15th, so it hasn’t been a full year. Just a very large portion of one! I have very fond memories of last year’s race – race memories, quite like recollections on childbirth, always grow fonder with time – and I did blog about it at my Irish Nomad in Malaysia blog if you want to take a peek. Over there, I also wrote up my experience of my first Half Marathon, the BSN Putrajaya Half Marathon, which was last October.

Alas, while my running has improved, my blogging has not. Whether it’s pure perception or an actual fact, there does seem to have been an upsurge in the incidence of both petty and violent crime in KL to the point that protecting oneself against thieves it is a major consideration in daily life. It would be dishonest of me to blog about life in KL without mentioning crime, but as I like to keep my blogs humourous, friendly and totally non-offensive, I’ve decided to wimp out and write about running instead. Here I can moan about sore muscles and blistered feet without upsetting anyone. Here I can celebrate an aspect of life in KL that I adore – running, and the people who run. Here I can talk to myself without worrying about who’s listening.

I’ll leave you with a photo of something that arrived this morning:

My top and bib for the Shape NIght Run which takes place on Sep 7, 2013.
My top and bib for the Shape NIght Run which takes place on Sep 7, 2013.

Already, I’m worried that the bib is a bit crumpled, so the timing tag might be damaged. Fingers crossed, eh? Registration has closed for this race – Men’s Health/Shape 12km Night Run – but for anyone hesitant about joining an event, I can highly recommend Putrajaya as a venue – wide, well-lit roads, very little traffic, no parked cars, yet plenty of parking, and a relatively flat route. Registration is still open for 21km and 10 km races at the BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon which will take place on October 19th.  It will be my first opportunity to re-visit an event – the Live Great Run has changed its route so technically that will be a whole different race – in the hope of bettering my time. Of course, I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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