10 km training run

The good news is that I managed to do 10 km this morning in under an hour beneath the searing sun which sent me home with 10,000 new freckles (that last bit is NOT good news by the way it was just to emphasize the harsh tropical conditions that I mentioned it). The bad news is that I thought I could die at the end and can’t imagine doing another 11 on top of that. Ever! I guess I can alway back out of the half-marathon if I’m not ready. Groan.

Here is a link to the loop I did in case your looking for route ideas. I had to stop three times for traffic, one stop of which was several minutes long as I loitered under the Sprint highway in the scorching sun. Did I mention that it you could have fried an egg on my face? The face that was the colour of a tomato? Sprouting freckles. Nice image, I know.

Mont Kiara/ Sri Hartamas Loop Details.

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