How I got started…

I started running soon after my 40th birthday in mid-2011. Below is an article I wrote for a Malaysian magazine explaining how my competitive nature prompted me to up my tempo from walking to jogging. Now it’s hard to believe that I was never not a runner as I get so much out of it both mentally and physically. Mostly mentally, in fact. I’m currently signed up for three races. Yes I’ve discovered the high of registering for a race. It’s like accepting an invitation to a fancy ball long before you have to worry about tan lines, gowns and how to wear your hair. Except with running, it’s never too early to start the preparations. Next thursday I hope – hope! – to do 14 km in Lake Gardens, KL. It’s the furthest training run I’ve attempted but really if I’m to manage the 21 km in Oct, it’s high time I pushed up my mileage. I’ll write more about training plans over the coming weeks. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my account of how I got started 🙂

Running after 40 (an article about running)


Looking nervous before my first, and so far only, race in April 2012.

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